A True Friend…………

Friends are like stones found everywhere but true friends are like diamonds found rare…”

A true friend in need

Is a friend indeed

Someone you can share everything 

Without much thinking 

Someone you can trust

When ever you are in a sad gust

They will never let you down 

Even if you dont have a fame crown

A true friend is the real friend of your life……

“A true friend is someone who sees the pain in your eyes while others believe the fake smile on your face…..”



She is my bestfriend , my lil sister. 

She is ruby my little dog …… like anyother dog she cant speak but her eyes tell everything … her brown eyes if u see looks like a galaxy.

She is tricolor brown black and white .with a tail like a flag pole always up .she loves to play around on the beach …. She can smell a muffin from miles and miles if u leave it unguarded for a minute you will find an empty plate. 

She is something I longed for ……

                                  SHE IS MY LIL BUNDLE OF JOY