Exam time : a funny phase 

Hey guys I haven’t posted for a while… I was just studying and wanted to remind you of your exams😂

I don’t know this happens with you all as I have heard my friends telling  the time you touch the book. open it ..you remember some other work and start doing that which has been pending for a long time you remember it at that time only….

Or you open the book and feel like you haven’t slept for days you suddenly feel so sleepy even though you woke up just an hour ago…😆and if you have 

Exams +bed+bedsheet=perfect sleep 😪😪😪

Exams time even the plain wall looks interesting that we keep on staring at it….😆

God knows who created this exams I think every student hates that guy….

But school life is a blessing so all the people here who are in school or college enjoy this time you won’t get it again ……Well I am enjoying and lot of time to enjoy ..😊😊

Tell me your funny stories of exam time in the comment section

Happy blogging!!!


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