Happpppppyyyy New Year ..

Today is 31st Dec 2016 the last day of this year……….This year might have been good for some and for some bad …….

But as said after every dark  night there is a beautiful morning ……

The next year is 2017

 let’s celebrate this new year to its fullest as 2+0+1+7=10

I can’t send you gifts or flowers but I can definitely wish all a very happy new year

May this year bring happiness ……….

BYEE BYEE 2016. ……..WELCOME 2017,😃😃😇😇

May god bless and may you all blog more and more….


7 thoughts on “Happpppppyyyy New Year ..

  1. Hmm.. maths lover !! Such a nice interpretation of 2017 breakdown ! 😂😂

    And the last Bye Bye 2016 welcome 2017 … Made me remember the time we used to write this on the entrance road to our school and college.


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