Happpppppyyyy New Year ..

Today is 31st Dec 2016 the last day of this year……….This year might have been good for some and for some bad …….

But as said after every dark  night there is a beautiful morning ……

The next year is 2017

 let’s celebrate this new year to its fullest as 2+0+1+7=10

I can’t send you gifts or flowers but I can definitely wish all a very happy new year

May this year bring happiness ……….

BYEE BYEE 2016. ……..WELCOME 2017,😃😃😇😇

May god bless and may you all blog more and more….


The infinite beauty….nature

I love nature.

 the wind and rain.

 when the thunder roars

when it pours

I love the sunshine of bright blue sky 

Just like my brown eye

I love how it makes me refresh 

Just like the coast breeze

I love sitting outside.

Feeling the cold breeze

Looking  at the sky,

Watching the stars go by.

I love January, February, March, 
The festive seasons 

Farmers delight

I love April May

The spring 

Flowers bloom

I love June July September

The leaves fall from the trees

Taking a  new life

I love October November December

The cold all filled with dew and fog

We think we are beautiful but nature has created us then just think how beautiful the nature is…..   

If u like plz do comment… 


Truth of life…

Life is an incredible journey which we should live to its fullest….this is a poem which I edited for a local magazine..

Your life path

May not be straight

It may contain curves and humps

We get to learn many lessons

Your experiences

Have shaped you all along

Embrace your mistakes

From each scar left

There are many things we learn

With every chapter we turn

But your passion for life 

Is the ultimate energy to it….

Life is incredible ,so much to learn….live every moment of it..