Diwali  A  festival Of lights …. its celebrated in a variety of  Ways its beliefs , customs are unique …… 

On the streets

Popularly known as festival of lights marked by cacophony of fire crackers on the streets and ceremonial gambling in the home 

Urban dwellers splurge on  gold , jewelery, clothes and expensive gifts for loved one…….

In villages

Here the celebration is generally a more simple affair defined by humble offerings and feasts and many tribal rituals……….

Hindu beliefs

It is celebrated as a remembrance of when lord shri ram and sita came back from a long exile of 14 years  

It is also believed that if you clean your house , lit it up well and decorate the house  goddess laxmi comes and blesses the house with prosperity

It also marks for a new financial year in north india new account books etc are purchased 

In villages people pray for a good harvest and money…….

The celebration

 It is celebrated by bursting crackers and lighting up a lot of diyas  And people buy new electronic gadgets for the loved and dear ones…….. 

From  where you might be deepawali is  a festival of  happiness love and prosperity…….



10 thoughts on “ONE FESTIVAL , MANY LIGHTS……

  1. Abhishek Bhatnagar says:

    Hi Roshini,
    That’s a very insightful and thoughtful article on the history of Diwali and the way it is followed and celebrated all across India. Great effort! All the very best for all future endeavors.


  2. Ramesh Ram says:

    Great effort!! Keep it up. Additional inputs. Start analysing the festival from the human psychological angle.. Why would people clean their houses, at the same time litter the surroundings by bursting crackers.. What is its impact on the environment and the animals.. Does it coincide with any other historical events? How is it celebrated in different parts of the country? How were Indians celebrating diwali under British and mughal rules? How were people celebrating diwali before explosives and crackers were invented? Have a great day..


  3. Dear Roshini
    I am super proud to see the variety of topics you covered, expression of your opinion and observation of diversity of India (Urban, rural).
    Writing was dying craft few years back but now we see so many young people writing prolific stories/novels etc., Hope to see you make it big in writing and avenues you like.


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